Senator John Curran Reacts to 22-Count Indictment Against Former House Speaker Mike Madigan

On Wednesday, a federal grand jury returned a 22-count indictment against former Speaker of the Illinois House Mike Madigan that includes charges of racketeering, bribery, and extortion. Following the issuance of the 106-page indictment, State Senator John Curran (R-Downers Grove) issued the following statement:

“Today is an important reminder that no elected official is considered above the law and that State government should belong to the people and it should not be for sale. Those who would betray the public trust have no place in public service at any level. This lengthy indictment is a good step, but there is a great deal of work that still needs to be done.  We must empower our State and Local Law Enforcement Officials with the same investigative tools that Federal Authorities possess, to further root out public corruption in all forms and at all levels of government in this State.  Only then will we be on a path to regaining the public trust that has been eroded through years of self-dealing and self-interest.”

Read the full indictment here.

John Curran

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