Coronavirus update 4-30

Governor’s Office Daily COVID-19 Q & A
April 30, 2020

Liquor Control Commission (ILCC)
Q: Will the ILCC issue guidance regarding pre-mixed liquor change under the new Executive
A: No. The ILCC’s guidelines will remain the same; the sale of pre-mixed cocktails not in their
original container are not allowed. The guidelines authorize retail licensees, subject to local
approval, to sell a “cocktail kit,” which would consist of a non-alcoholic cocktail mix, and an
alcoholic beverage in the sealed original manufacturer’s container.
For more information, see the “’To-Go” Sales and Delivery of Premixed Cocktails” guidance

Q: How many IDES case workers and contracted cases workers speak non-English languages?
What are those languages?
A: The Department of Employment Security (IDES) has 112 employees who are in positions that
require they speak a second language. These languages include Spanish, Polish and
Mandarin/Cantonese. IDES is also contracting with a call center vendor to be phased in over the
next week providing an additional 200 agents with 20 of them Spanish speaking. When
someone calls us and they prefer to communicate in a different language, we utilize an outside
vendor for translation services in practically every foreign language. This is done in a 3-way call
format using an interpreter.

Q: If there are job openings at IDES, what is the hiring process? Is there a list of agencies that
are hiring and what they are hiring for so we can publicize to constituents who may now be
A: IDES and all other state agencies post their job openings on The process to
apply to posted positions varies for each job title and agency. Interested candidates should
follow the specific instructions in each job posting. At a minimum, all non-state employees will
have to complete a CMS100 employment application The individual should then follow the
specific instructions in the job posting.

Essential Businesses
Q: Is the manufacturing of wooden pallets protected under any Executive Order?
A: Manufacturing is permissible if it contributes to an essential business or the supply line to
maintain essential businesses. To better assess if the manufacturing effort meets those
requirements, consider the following:
• What products is the manufacturer producing?
• Does the manufacturer currently have orders to supply an essential business, such as a
restaurant, grocery store, or health care facility?
• Does the manufacturer currently have orders to supply firms or governments that are
building or maintaining critical infrastructure, such as roads, railroads, airports, or electrical
power plants?
If the manufacturer is supplying an essential business, the production of pallets is allowable. If
you have specific questions or concerns about whether a business is “essential” under the Stay
at Home order, please contact the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity’s
COVID-19 hotline at 1-800-252-2923 or e-mail

Q: Can cosmetology schools reopen if they have measures in place to protect the health and
safety of students and staff?
A: Schools of Cosmetology are not allowed to provide in-person instruction at this time
pursuant to Executive Order 2020-32, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) has issued a variance allowing these schools to teach certain courses online.
You can read more about the variance on this website

Q: Are all evictions prohibited? Under what circumstances can a landlord evict their tenant?
A: Under Executive Order 2020-30 and as extended by Executive Order 2020-33, a person or
entity may not commence a residential eviction action pursuant to or arising under 735 ILCS
5/9-101 et seq., unless a tenant poses a direct threat to the health and safety of other tenants,
an immediate and severe risk to property, or a violation of any applicable building code, health
ordinance, or similar regulation.

Q: Can the Governor amend the IL Condominium Property Act so that annual reports and
meeting notices can be delivered by “technological means” instead of requiring paper delivery?
A: The Condominium Property Act contains a few relevant sections that allow for electronic
delivery as long as it consented to by the unit owner and allowed for in the rules and/or
• See 765 ILCS 605/18(a)(9)(E). The bylaws shall provide for at least the following: “that
notice of every meeting of the board of managers shall also be given at least 48 hours
prior to the meeting, or such longer notice as this Act may separately require, to: (i)
each unit owner who has provided the association with written authorization to conduct
business by acceptable technological means..”
• See 765 ILCS 605/18(b)(6). “notice of any membership meeting… may be sent, to the
extent the condominium instruments or rules adopted thereunder expressly so provide,
by electronic transmission consented to by the unit owner to whom the notice is given,
provided the director and officer or his agent certifies in writing to the delivery by
electronic transmission.”
• See 765 ILCS 605/18.4(s). The powers and duties of the board of managers shall include:
“To adopt and amend rules and regulations (1) authorizing electronic delivery of notices
and other communications required or contemplated by this Act to each unit owner
who provides the association with written authorization for electronic delivery and an
electronic address to which such communications are to be electronically transmitted.”
For additional information, see the DCEO FAQ section on condo ombudsperson visit:

Q: Has there been a determination on whether in-person requirements are still
necessary in order to obtain a dental license? If so, where can one locate that information?
A: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dental students have not been able to complete portions of
their exams requiring live-person testing. IDFPR has issued a variance that suspends the
requirement of passage of the periodontal portion of the licensing examination for students
completing or graduating from dental colleges or schools in 2020 and taking licensing
examinations between the effective date of this Variance and December 31, 2020.

John Curran

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