Upcoming Youth Firearm Deer Season

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is sharing information about the upcoming Youth Firearm Deer Season taking place in a matter of weeks.

From October 10 to October 12, the Youth Firearm Deer Season will be open to hunters who have not reached their 18th birthday prior to the opening date of the season.

To participate, eligible residents and nonresident youths must purchase a $10.50 Youth Firearm Either-Sex Deer Permit. Youth Deer Permits for all open counties will be sold over-the-counter from DNR Direct license vendors beginning August 4 until the end of the season.

The statewide-issued permit is valid on private land, with landowner permission, or on public land sites open to the Youth Firearm Deer Season. Eligible youth hunters must also obtain a current, valid hunting license unless exempt.  

As of 2020, permits for youth hunting will no longer be county-specific. Youth permits allow the holder to hunt in any of the open counties in the state, on property where permission to hunt has been given from the property owner.

Shooting hours for youth season are half-an-hour before sunrise to a half-an-hour after sunset.

Click here for more information about supervision requirements or to learn more.

John Curran

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