Senator John Curran Reacts to Vote on ISBE Rule

“If the goal is to improve the level of inclusion within our system of teaching and learning, the process for creating this new rule was flawed from the beginning. The steering committee that oversaw the writing of this rule includes five experts in the field of education and three state legislators. Three Democrats and zero Republicans offered input into the writing of the rule. If inclusion is important, it should be important across the board. The exclusion of Republicans from the ‘Diverse and Learner Ready Teachers’ steering committee calls into question the true intent behind the rule.

“I fully support the belief that educators reach and teach their students best when they understand and embrace the diverse cultural, social and economic characteristics within their classrooms. While the revised rule before us eliminated some extremely explosive political rhetoric, the rule is still written in vague terms that suggest a pre-determined political viewpoint. I could not support the rule as written, but hope to continue working with ISBE on improved language that ensures inclusive techniques that do not steer academics toward a prescribed worldview or political agenda.”

John Curran

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