Leader Curran Names Senate Republican Leadership Team

Today, after being elected by his peers to serve as the Illinois Senate Republican Leader, Sen. John Curran (R-Downers Grove) announced his leadership team for the 103rd General Assembly as follows:

Senator Sue Rezin, Deputy Leader

Senator Neil Anderson, Caucus Chair

Senator Terri Bryant, Assistant Republican Leader

Senator Dale Fowler, Assistant Republican Leader 

Senator Steve McClure, Assistant Republican Leader 

Senator Jason Plummer, Assistant Republican Leader

Senator Sally Turner, Republican Caucus Whip

Senator Jil Tracy, Republican Caucus Whip 

“This team from throughout Illinois will bring diverse perspectives, experiences, expertise and policy solutions to our caucus leadership,” Curran said. “I trust each of these members to be champions for their districts and their ideals as we work together to create a bold but doable agenda for the Senate Republicans.” 

John Curran

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