Coronavirus update 5-2

Governor’s Office Daily COVID-19 Q & A
May 2, 2020

Q: How is the state reporting COVID-19 deaths? If the state is reporting all of these in their total numbers can these be separated out for public information?
A: The Illinois Department of Public Health is currently only reporting deaths with lab confirmed positive tests for COVID-19. For up-to-date information, please visit OR

Q: Where can a person find information regarding adult use dispensing organization licenses?
A: The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) is responsible for licensing adult use dispensing organizations. You can read more about the licensing process on this website

Paycheck Protection Program
Q: Does the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) want its network of providers to apply for the federal Payroll Protection Program (PPP) funds?
A: Yes, IDHS does want eligible providers to apply for the PPP loans. Every successful application for federal funding increases the State funds available to continue to provide essential services.
For more information on the PPP funds process, review the IDHS FAQ here

Q: If a provider applies and is approved for a PPP loan, should providers use PPP funds instead of State funds?
A: Yes, IDHS encourages the use of the PPP loans for eligible expenditures. IDHS cannot reimburse for expenditures funded by PPP loans, this is because IDHS and the federal government cannot pay twice for the same expenditures.

Q: Will IDHS take into consideration that not all costs are covered by PPP?
A: Yes, IDHS will reimburse for eligible grant expenditures not covered by the PPP within the providers’ existing grant agreement. For fee-for-service and fixed rate grantees, if PPP does not cover the gap between actual billings for services provided and average monthly billings prior to the pandemic, IDHS will make retention payments for the amount not covered by PPP for fiscal year 2020.

Q: How will IDHS handle retention payments if a provider is using the PPP loan for other expenditures not covered by IDHS grant funds?
A: IDHS will reimburse for eligible expenditures not covered by the PPP within the providers’ existing grant agreement.

Q: Can providers use PPP loans to address cash flow issues due to delays in payments as shared by the Office of the Comptroller?
A: IDHS can only reimburse for eligible expenditures not covered by the PPP within the provider’s existing grant agreement. Provider should follow guidelines outlined by the Small Business Administration regarding appropriate uses of the PPP loans. Regardless of the circumstances, the provider cannot use two sets of funds (the State and a PPP loan) to get paid twice for the same expenditure. For more information, please refer to the Small Business Administration website

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