Coronavirus update 4-18

Governor’s Office Daily COVID-19 Q & A
April 18, 2020

Q: Is the administration looking at ways to reimburse hunters for permits they have acquired in
order to hunt DNR owned property?
A: Understanding closure and fee concerns raised by permit holders, IDNR is reviewing all
possible solutions, including refunds for all spring 2020 turkey permits issued by the
Department. Additional information will be provided via the IDNR website as soon as it is

Business Compliance
Q: Home Depot and Walmart have chosen to shut there gardening sections in some of their
stores. Those stores believe the guidance only allows them to sell gardening supplies via
curbside pick-up and they don’t want to be burdened by that. Are they able to keep their
garden sections open?
A: The Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity’s (DCEO) original guidance
provided that “stores that sell supplies that assist with either (a) agriculture; or (b) products for
landscaping can continue to sell those products to the public, provided adequate social
distancing is complied with.” This guidance remains valid.
DCEO has expanded their original guidance so that all garden stores, garden centers, and
nurseries (even those that did not fall within our original guidance above) are allowed to sell
products for delivery or pick-up. That expanded guidance states: “Garden stores and
greenhouses can remain open for purposes of maintaining inventory, and to fulfill online and
phone orders for pick-up or delivery only.” This guidance applies to both standalone stores as
well as garden centers that are part of a larger store (such as a garden center that is part of a
hardware store or big box stores such as Walmart or Home Depot).

Q: Can we begin allowing personal trainers to have exercise training sessions with 5 or fewer
A: No. Professional services such as a personal trainer is not considered essential business
under the restrictions contained in the executive order. Please read Executive Order 10 as extended by Executive Order 18, or this essential businesses web link as it provides much more information of what businesses and operations are essential.
For specific inquires on essential business information please contact 1-800-252-2923

Q: Where can a taxpayer subjected to a quarterly-monthly payment requirement obtain
A: The Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) issued a FAQ to assist taxpayers subject to a
quarter-monthly (accelerated) payment requirement. To view the FAQ, click here.

Q: My constituent received a KeyBank debit card instead of a check for their state income tax
refund. Is this a scam?
A: No, the KeyBank debit card is not a scam. For taxpayers without an account to direct deposit
an income tax refund, the Illinois Department of Revenue is offering taxpayers to opt-in to
receiving a debit card instead of a paper check. This card will help recipients avoid costly checkcashing
fees. The debit card option is being offered through an agreement with KeyBank and
can be used anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted. Or, to receive the cash value of a card,
please visit a MasterCard member bank to obtain an over-the-counter cash withdrawal
available at no charge or use an Allpoint or a KeyBank ATM.
Visit or to find a ATM location near you.

Q: What do I do if my tax refund debit card is lost, stolen, or damaged?
A: Contact KeyBank Customer Services via or at 1-866-295-2955 to
immediately report the card lost, stolen, damaged or not received, and request a new
card. Any remaining balance will be transferred to the new card. There is one free
replacement card allowed per year. After that, a $7.50 replacement fee will be imposed by

John Curran

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