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Curran responds to ‘State of the State’ address

State Sen. John F. Curran joined his fellow lawmakers for the first time in the chambers of the House of Representatives on January 31 to listen as Gov. Bruce Rauner delivered his annual “State of the State” address. Curran released the following statement.

“Governor Rauner laid out his plan for the upcoming year and the state’s highest priorities. To restore Illinois’ fiscal health, we need to pass a comprehensive, balanced budget, reduce government spending and implement meaningful reforms. The state continues to spend beyond its means, and our taxpayers pay the price—especially with the recent unfair income tax increase.

For the residents, families and employers in my district, issues like education funding reform, transportation improvements, economic growth, job creation and property tax relief are extremely important, and are going to be my focus in the months ahead. As we start the new Legislative Session, I ask that my House and Senate members put politics aside and come prepared to work and compromise to obtain our mutual goals for our constituents.“

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